Liquidity Provision

  1. On zkSync, get as much USDC as you’d like to provide and ETH for gas

You can acquire this by using the official zkSync bridge to bridge ETH or USDC from Ethereum Mainnet to zkSync.

  1. Navigate to our web application and connect your wallet

  2. Navigate to the Liquidity Providing tab on our UI

  3. Choose to Deposit or Withdraw. Enter the amount of USDC you would like to provide and click Submit request.

If this is your first time depositing liquidity on Vest, you'll need to approve token spending before you can deposit. Token Approval gives a dApp permission to move the specified token from your wallet. Set a spending cap, and click Next.

  1. Once the approval transaction is confirmed, you will be prompted to Confirm the deposit.

  2. Approve the Deposit transaction via your wallet.

If successful, you will see the corresponding increase in your pending/current balance in the app:

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