Vest Exchange

Get Testnet Tokens

Add AGOR for transaction fees on Goerli network.
To participate, you'll need some Arbitrum ETH testnet tokens to be able to do transactions on the network.

Here are two options to help you to get started:

Option 1: Use an Arbitrum Faucet directly.

This option is the simplest one, however the faucet might be empty from time to time.
2. Paste your ERC20 (0x...) address.
3. Click on "Request 0.001 ETH".
4. Wait for the AGOR tokens to arrive in your wallet.

Option 2: Use the Mainnet Faucet and Bridge your Coins to Arbitrum

2. Select Network > Ethereum : Goerli Testnet.
3. Paste your Ethereum address under "Your Testnet Address".
4. Complete the captcha.
5. Click on "Request Tokens".
6. Wait for the transaction to complete and for the GoerliETH tokens to arrive in your wallet.
Note: before doing the following step we suggest you to use different faucets to have enough testnet tokens for a little while: (gives 0.2 GoerliETH) and (gives 0.1 GoerliETH).
7. Once you have Goerli Ethereum, use the Arbitrum Bridge to transfer the coins to Arbitrum. The bridging time will be around 10 - 15 min.
The usage of those faucets is limited (once per day generally) so make sure not to waste those precious testnet tokens!